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i’m here!! 🙂 i like the way the new layout looks. what do you think? i found a way in photoshop to change the color without it totally ruining the image. 🙂

as i mentioned in the other blog post, i’m having difficulties with a few things. jerry is the real web tech in the family. i haven’t worked on coding for quite a while so i have become even dumber than i was to begin with. 😉

any help will be appreciate! 🙂 God bless!


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  1. Hey, Love the new look. Especially the pictures of the boys. Got your email BTW. Trying to send a reply, but am not sure if outlook is going to cooperate. 😕

  2. Can I help? Use the unspace e-mail to get me — I’m most likely to see it.

  3. I’m back!!!!

    Thanks so much for the phone call!!!… It was really nice getting to know you better, off the computer. :mrgreen:

    I love the new look! Did you see what I was trying to do with mine new one???? I have the base up at

    Love you!

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