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well i have been one busy preggo lady!! the church shower was really really nice on saturday. there was a great outpouring of love!! i love my church. they are all wonderful. 🙂 since it was so early for me to be up, i was very ill but felt better after a while. we stayed quite a while, talking and having fun.
jerry and i went to matrix3 last night. not worth it. it was just as bad as the last one, if not worse, considering it was supposed to be the END! sigh. 🙁
i was in the nursery at church today. let me just say, i PRAY my son is better behaved than the ones who were in there. :rolleyes: the girls, on the other hand, were angelic. sigh. not that i don’t want a boy now – it’s always been a dream of mine. i KNOW my son will not behave like that…i just don’t get it.
anyway, went out to walmart with my friend traci after church…bought gum and new prenatals since i’m almost out. the traffic there is unbelievable. i guess we are usually done with our Christmas shopping by this time so we tend to avoid walmart at all costs. it is unbelievable…
anyway, colts won! :partyhatcheezy:
not much else to report. doing well, feeling very very pregnant, feeling blessed, feeling happy. 😀
love to you all!!


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  1. hi jenn! it looks like you had another great shower! i can feel
    hi jenn!
    it looks like you had another great shower! i can feel the love for baby J 🙂
    i have to laugh at your comment ‘feeling very very pregnant’ lol, i know just whatya mean. soon, very soon we won’t feel like big blimps that are too heavy to lift off the ground :rotfl:
    this morning around 3am i woke up with a tightenings in my tummy, and some pains. i thought i was in labor!! i swear i’m such a newbie. i’m probably going to sleep through contractions or something! lol.. but all i know is i better not get to the hospital too late for an epidural! whhheeew baby :no:
    anyways, i hope you guys have a great monday. i’m off to stuff my face :taco: :grapes: :lemon:

  2. HEY! Seems like forever. Things sound wonderful on your end.
    HEY! Seems like forever. Things sound wonderful on your end. The shower looks amazing, and so do your belly photo’s. You are definately ‘showing.’ 🙂 (((Big Hugs)))

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