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Dr appointment

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well, i had another dr’s appt today. everything looks fine and dandy. scheduled the gtt as well as my follow-up ultrasound to check my placenta’s placement both for the 28th. what a day that will be! i’m trying not to be scared about the gtt…sigh.
i am supposed to have some sort of test scheduled for my swollen arm. he said it was unusual. also, i need to get an anemia test.
i had a lot of questions to ask him, and all were answered well for me. 🙂 i’m feeling really good about the birth. i just hope it all goes well, as planned! i can hardly wait!!!
i got to hear his heartbeat again. it was in the 150s, and his heartbeat was found above my belly button! he was lying sideways across my belly. normally, his feet are down way low, so he can kick me where it annoys!!
well i need to make some phonecalls. 🙂
lots of hugs to all jeremiah’s virtual aunts out there! 🙂
mama and jeremiah


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  1. Yeah!! Good Dr appt!! I plan
    Yeah!! Good Dr appt!! I plan on keeping up with you *HUGS*

  2. hey! i’m glad to hear your appointment went well! the only advic
    hey! i’m glad to hear your appointment went well! the only advice i can give for the one hour is to stay away from sweets for as long as you can before the test day. i sure hope you don’t have to go through that pain-in-the-hiney 3 hour test. my vein is swollen! ouchies.
    i hope jeremiah is doing well and being a good little boy for mommy. adriana has been very active! it’s always good to feel movements just to know they’re alive and healthy in there 🙂
    your next appt is on the 28th? mine is on the 24th 🙂 i have to wait about another month for the ultrasound to confirm we’re having a girl, otherwise i may have to steal your “we weren’t expecting that!” icon from your main page! haha
    take care sweety!

  3. I love appt updates. How fun. It’s good to hear everything is
    I love appt updates. How fun. It’s good to hear everything is going so well. As far as the GTT you’ll do fine. Of course I say that having never done the test. But I have faith in you! lol.

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