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J is for Just do it…as unto the Lord (Off-site Guest Post)

J is for Just do it…as unto the Lord (Off-site Guest Post)

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I have my very first guest post in a series! I’m super excited! It’s on Sarah’s My Joy-filled Life. I’m thrilled that Sarah has graciously allowed me to post on her site for her third year of The ABCs of Homeschooling Series.

I chose the letter “J” (imagine that?!) and came up with “Just do it…as unto the Lord.”
Here’s a preview:

There are so many days that homeschooling is just another chore to do. For the kids…And for Mama.

“Get it done, guys!”
“Keep it moving!”
“Don’t get distracted!”
“Mama has two ears and four voices are talking. One at a time, please.”
“Keep on task!”
“Please re-read the question and think about it, then ask me again if you still need help.”
“Not so much doodling!”
“You just went to the restroom 2 minutes ago!”
“You’re not done with that yet?”
“Mama has two hands and four boys need me. Please wait your turn.”

Ugh! The negative comments seem to outweigh the positive. My attitude affects their attitudes. If homeschooling seems like just an annoying chore to get done to me, how are they supposed to face it with diligence and joy?!

Click on over to read the rest, and I’d love to know your thoughts. 🙂

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God bless,

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