CrossFlix Streaming Movie Service {Product Review}

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I have tried many (all??) of the streaming subscription services over the years. I’ve tried PureFlix, Dove, Feeln, JellyTelly, and of course Amazon and Netflix. I was really excited with the opportunity to try and review CrossFlix. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with the service. Most of the movies were ones I’d seen on other sites, but the biggest problem was that some of the movies weren’t even Christian. My take on the matter is, it’s one thing to …

Hebrew Class

Israel Biblical Studies {Product Review}

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I’m Jerry, and I love the Bible. I’ve always had the desire to learn Biblical Hebrew, but never exercised the discipline necessary to do so. I visited various websites that provided tutorials for learning the letters and a few basic words. I watched several YouTube lessons and even purchased Pimsleur Hebrew Learning CDs. Eventually, in every instance, I would get frustrated or simply grow bored and give up. When my wife asked me if I would be interested in taking …

For years I've looked for practical things to show unexpectedly pregnant women our support. Here's an example of God's love!

Embrace Grace Love in a Box {Product Review}

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As I mentioned in my review of Melissa Ohden’s book, I have been a prolife advocate for ages. I haven’t always known how to go about it, but my intentions have always been good. The women’s march closely followed by the march for life kind of did something to my heart. Shouldn’t all women be marching for life? If someone feels she HAS no choice but have an abortion…Is that actually a choice? I’ve wondered for years what sort of …

The Cat of Bubastes

The Cat of Bubastes {Audio Review}

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To be upfront, I have loved each Heirloom Audio Production I’ve heard, so when I was approached to review an adventure, I jumped at the chance to hear a new one. The title The Cat of Bubastes had all of us curious – would there be a talking cat? A magical cat? It turns out the cat wasn’t actually the star of the show, but it makes for a great title. We first listened to the story on the way …

You Carried Me {Book Review}

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My Review of You Carried Me I’d planned to be finished reviewing when I saw the opportunity to review You Carried Me. It was right up my alley and really spoke to me. Melissa Ohden wrote a beautiful, heartbreaking and redemptive autobiography. She always knew she’d been adopted, but when she was a teenager, she found out her mother had aborted her and had no idea she was even alive. As you can imagine, that’s the kind of thing that …