Becoming One by Honoring The One

Becoming One by Honoring the ONE

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    About five years into our marriage, my husband and I went through two years of turmoil.  The big “D” word even came up.  We are both Christians and believe that divorce is not an option but were pushed to the point of consideration.  It was that bad.     We were basically living as roommates who happened to sleep in the same bed.     When I got married to him it certainly was not what I had envisioned for my life.  In fact, on my wedding day I specifically prayed that the Lord would mold me into the kind of Godly …

5 Tips to a Happier Husband

5 Tips for a Happier Husband

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My hubby and I are celebrating 19 years of wedded bliss choice today. Truly, loving someone is a choice you make. Daily. Because although the euphoria of “feeling in love” is typically what leads a couple down the aisle, that feeling never lasts. Somewhere between mortgages, diapers, laundry and sick days, it gets lost. You won’t spend your entire life “feeling in love”. There will be days you would rather walk away, scream, or throw something at your spouse than work out a disagreement. Here are my simple ways to love your husband, simple things I had to learn, some …

Am I Lovable

Am I Lovable

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It was my Birthday and my husband took the day off. It’s always a treat to have fun days planned with him. He bought me this gorgeous sweater that fit just right! It was a big deal! I was having morning after morning breakdowns in my head because my clothes didn’t look right on me. Everything was too tight and I was so done with my maternity clothes. My baby boy at the time was seven months old. It was my first Birthday with a child. God knows how long I waited for this day. (I was born January the 11th 1966. I’ll let …

5 Ways to make him significant

5 Ways to Make Him Significant Again

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It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and we were doing the usual things to prepare for the week. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard a loud crash. My husband had fallen from a ladder in the next room! Knowing how high the ladder was, my mind immediately started racing. A flood of ‘what-ifs’ rushed over me. What if he’s seriously injured? What if he has to go to the hospital? What if the worst has happened? Thankfully he was okay – just a bruised ego and a cut toe. But this one incident made me pause. As the …

How to have a perfectly imperfect marriage

How to Have an Imperfectly Perfect Marriage

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Several years ago, my neighbor was having a difficult time in her marriage. Her husband was leaving her and she could not stop crying. I remember finding her scrunched up in the corner of her sofa. My heart broke for her. I sat with her and I cried alongside her. I tried to offer some encouragement, but much of the time I just didn’t know exactly what to say. What are the right words? And then I began sharing with her about the struggles I’ve had in my own marriage. She looked at me with surprise and said, “Wait. I …