How Imperfect Motherhood is the Greatest Thing Ever!

How Imperfect Motherhood is the GREATEST THING EVER! {IMC Day 51}

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That whole thing about the apple and the tree? Yeah, it’s kinda true. This isn’t breaking news, mind you. It’s just that four times in the last week, I’ve had conversations with different people about Luke’s various idiosyncrasies. These discussions inevitably resulted in some form of, “Where does he get that?” At which point some kind of weird silence hangs in the air while everyone mentally considers that it certainly didn’t come from Larry. I mean, seriously people. What am …

The Hardest Part of Parenting {IMC Day 50}

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The day my nine-month-old fell off the bed, a friend was over. We were chatting in the hallway, sorting clothes to donate. I’d set him down on his back, sure he was in a good spot. I briefly hesitated, but knew it would only be a minute or two, and satisfied myself with that. A loud thump, followed by a shriek, sent me and my friend flying to the bedroom. She got to him first, and scooped him up, then …

You Can Be a Fun Mom, Even If You Don’t Like Toys {IMC Day 49}

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My Mom Confession…I Don’t Like Toys. When I was a child, my family lived in a small town. Making the hour long trek to the “big city” for a shopping trip was always a treat. It was an even bigger treat when the city finally got the greatest store ever…Toys R Us. My child-sized heart beat with joy every time I caught a glimpse. I would ask, “Can we go in? Please?!” At first my requests were met with a …

Mommy Doesn’t Feel Good {IMC Day 48}

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What do you do when it seems like you never feel well? I get a little tired of hearing the mantra myself. Like a broken record-player. Playing the same old song over and over again. Those sad, disappointed little voices. “Mommy doesn’t feel good… Mommy’s tired… Mommy needs to lay down… Mommy doesn’t feel good…” If you have a hard time staring at piled up laundry that needs to be folded, dishes that need to be put away, kids’ homework …

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay {IMC Day 47}

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[adinserter name=”Mom above”] Ouch! That one small word can hold so many feelings and emotions. For some it evokes sympathy or compassion, even pity. For others it evokes shame and weakness. For me it’s always held feelings of all of the above, so I just didn’t let it out. I never saw this as a real problem. Occasionally I would feel overwhelmed or stressed from holding in all of my “ouch” moments. I would be a beast at home for …