jenn loves…

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my pal jen gave me this idea…

go to google (the best search engine ever) and type in ‘your name loves’. see what comes up, and put it in your blog, or on your page!

of course you should cross out things that you DON’T love! 😉
here are my results…

yard sales

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well….the yard sale didn’t go as well as we’d hoped!

we made about $70, for both days. not so hot!

and i am soooooo exhausted! sigh. not used to getting up so early anymore.

tomorrow is church and i’m looking forward to it. it’s always a nice surprise to find out
what the praise team is singing ten minutes before we start! heehee!

i hope we sing shout to the Lord – that is my favorite.

well, this is short i know, but i may be adding more later. the day is not yet over!

God bless you!

time, the enemy of man!!

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grrrrrrr. why does it take forever to get blood test results in??

i just talked to the dr’s office, and the nurse said it usually takes about a week and a half to get blood results in. argh.