Friday’s Free E-books

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**Stop the presses! Did you know I have the new monthly freebie up? Click here to check it out!** Sometimes, I’ll share one or two books that are really great deals for a limited time. The first one was written by a friend of mine! And I can’t wait to read the other book about parenting! The Kindle App is ALWAYS free! Kindle App for PC | Kindle App for Mac Kindle App for Android | Kindle App for iPhone …

Amazing Monthly Freebies November 2017 Edition

Amazing Monthly Freebies (11/2017)

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After seeing some of my blogging friends’ great freebies, I decided to make a list of freebies for the month. Please note that most of these require either sign up to newsletters or sign up to their store. The items are still free. I’ll do a round-up every month I’m able. Planners, Journals, and Calendars Obviously, don’t miss mine! My Thanksliving Journal November Sampler My friend Julie from The Hallway Initiative has a beautiful, versatile planner for intentional faith: Christian Life …

Glorifying God in the Darkness of Depression

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The darkness of severe depression seems opposed to life in a God who is Light. Can God be glorified in and through the darkness of mental illness? Stigma Depression pulls us into ourselves. We lose our capacity to enjoy life, and meaningfully interact with others. Sadness gives way to apathy. Hopelessness seeps in, and can devolve into despair. How could anything make a difference? It’s difficult to admit needing help while struggling with mental illness. We feel weak and worthless enough, without saying it out loud. …

CrossFlix Streaming Movie Service {Product Review}

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I have tried many (all??) of the streaming subscription services over the years. I’ve tried PureFlix, Dove, Feeln, JellyTelly, and of course Amazon and Netflix. I was really excited with the opportunity to try and review CrossFlix. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with the service. Most of the movies were ones I’d seen on other sites, but the biggest problem was that some of the movies weren’t even Christian. My take on the matter is, it’s one thing to …

Hebrew Class

Israel Biblical Studies {Product Review}

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I’m Jerry, and I love the Bible. I’ve always had the desire to learn Biblical Hebrew, but never exercised the discipline necessary to do so. I visited various websites that provided tutorials for learning the letters and a few basic words. I watched several YouTube lessons and even purchased Pimsleur Hebrew Learning CDs. Eventually, in every instance, I would get frustrated or simply grow bored and give up. When my wife asked me if I would be interested in taking …

Psalms of Deliverance

Psalms of Deliverance

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“Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.” Psalms 32:7 It had been a normal day in my household and everything was going smoothly. My husband and I sat down in the evening to watch a movie, and suddenly I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  It felt as if something were sitting on my chest and my ribs were unable to expand at all to get any air into …